Myths and Facts on the Pill, Find Out the Truth Here

Is it true that you gained weight from taking birth control pills? Is it true that taking birth control pills too long makes it difficult to get pregnant? Let's discuss one by one various myths and facts about birth control pills. One method of preventing pregnancy is by taking birth control pills. When consumed correctly, oral contraceptives are able to prevent pregnancy up to 99.9%. But sometimes, some women fail to choose birth control pills because they believe in various talk or myths. Are these myths really true? Myth: Birth control pills make you fat Fact: This myth has long been circulating in the community. The fact is that weight gain is not directly caused by birth control pills. It is true that birth control pills include hormonal contraceptives that contain small amounts of the hormones estrogen and artificial progestins. These hormones can sometimes increase appetite. But this happens only to some people, and with self-control and a good lifestyle, we can regula
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